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Awearables lift your spirits, put a smile on your face, and help you to make the world better, one foot at a time.

Shop Awearables and Feel Good

Shop Awearables and feel good about the socks you’re buying. Our line of socks has a bold range of styles and colors that make a statement. We wanted to create socks that would make you smile from the moment you see them until the moment you take them off. Awearables are bright and happy, perfect for expressing yourself.

There are lots of patterned socks out there, but our line is special. Each pair has a unique affirming phrase we know will encourage you and anyone else who sees them. When you shop Awearables, you’re not just buying a funky pair of socks. You’re buying clothing that can change the way you think as you embrace the sayings on every pair. Beyond that, you’re buying socks that donate to amazing charitable organizations.

We believe change can happen through even a simple sock. With each pair of Awearables you purchase, we donate a dollar to charity. When you shop Awearables, you’re doing something good for yourself that can impact the lives of people in need. Currently, we’re partnered with the National Eating Disorder Association, Folds of Honor, and Talk About Curing Autism.

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