Awearables Founder's Story

Founder’s Story

Awearables Founder's Story

Awareables founder and president Tami Butler (center) at home with her daughters
Awearables founder and president Tami Butler (center) at home with her daughters

When my daughter was diagnosed with an eating disorder, I didn’t realize what an uphill fight this disease would be.

Most treatment for eating disorders isn’t covered by insurance. So I did the best I could to help my daughter with what I had. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. She eventually ended up in the ICU and nearly died. That’s when I realized I had to do more.

Through research I learned that for my daughter to truly get better, she would need to spend what turned out to be two months in a residential treatment facility. It was expensive, and to pay for it out of pocket I had to remortgage my house. But it was worth every penny.

I visited my daughter at the treatment facility many times. While I was there I saw so many beautiful, talented, accomplished young women struggling with this disease. I didn’t understand why they didn’t see in themselves what I saw in them. I wanted to help, but I didn’t know how.

During treatment my daughter learned that we all need continuous reminders of our worth and inherent value. Once she returned home, she wrote positive affirmations on her mirrors and put them on display in her bedroom. I watched in awe as she learned their power and used them to turn her life around.

Awareables founder and president Tami Butler (center) with friends at a NEDA walk in 2015
Awearables founder and president Tami Butler (center) with friends at a NEDA walk in 2015

I began researching the power of affirmations, and learned that we can truly reprogram our thoughts. Whatever we choose to focus on repetitively, continuously and consistently—we will eventually find as reality. Making this science easily digestible and available to people became the starting point for what is now Awearables.

Although Awearables started from our family’s particular experience, it was clear to us that the power of affirmations is universal and can help just about anyone who has a fight. Today we have products we’ve designed to support and uplift families facing an autism diagnosis, and children whose parents have been killed or disabled through military service. And of course, we still have products that encourage people fighting eating disorders.

Our products feature positive messages, but they also do more than that. Our company also supports organizations that provide real, tangible help to people who need it. We are proud to donate one dollar from every product sold toward charitable partner organizations working in the areas of eating disorders, autism, and children of fallen vets. We allow our customers to select the partner organization they wish to support.


We hope you will join us in wearing and sharing Awearables products to create awareness, connection and hope.

Tami Butler

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