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Why Affirmations

Why Affirmations?

We designed our vibrant socks to be expressive, but beyond that, we designed our socks to make the world a better place. We wanted to create a line of socks with affirmations because we believe in the power of positive thinking.

In today’s culture, we’re bombarded with information, both good and bad. Unfortunately, it can be all-too-easy to start believing some of the negative things we hear throughout our lives. Awearables help counteract some of that negativity by giving you a daily reminder that is happy and positive. When you wear our socks with affirmations, you can look down and be encouraged throughout the day. This repetition of positive thoughts leads to a happier, healthier mindset.

Our passion for socks with affirmations started back in 2010. Our founder, Tami Butler, and a group of friends started an apparel company called Perfect As U Are. They created socks, headbands and apparel featuring positive affirmations. Perfect As U Are sold the apparel through a marketing partnership with one of Awearables’ current nonprofit partners, the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA). Tami and her business partners, friends and daughters would often attend NEDA awareness-raising walks and would sell apparel at these events. Perfect As U Are also had products in retail stores including the Caron Foundation gift shop and boutiques in the northeast. A portion of the proceeds from each product benefited NEDA. It was exciting to see so many people benefit from this positive, affirming apparel, and to see the important work of NEDA advanced through the business.

Although Perfect As U Are eventually closed, the spark of inspiration never died. Today, Tami is carrying on this work through Awearables, and is raising awareness and support for NEDA as well as for two partner organizations, Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) and Folds of Honor.

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