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Wearing Colorful Socks Can Improve Your Mood (Really!)

We love that our socks are bold, and studies have shown that wearing bright colors can improve our moods. When our founder designed each pair of colorful socks, she wanted them to capture people’s attention. More than that, she wanted our socks to make the wearer smile every time they look down at their feet. Incorporating bright colors into the designs is just one way we achieve our goal of making the world a happier place, one foot at a time.

Back in March, we wrote a blog post about the psychology of affirmations. But did you know there’s also evidence proving that bright colors can actually help us maintain a positive attitude? According to Daily Mail, wearing certain colors can release hormones that improve our moods. Warm, bright colors like red or pink release dopamine, the known “feel good hormone.” Cool colors like blues and greens release serotonin, creating a calming effect.

Our line of colorful socks is the perfect way to brighten up your wardrobe so you can access these benefits. Even an all black outfit can pop with the right socks, and you’ll feel just as good as you look. Wearing a bright pink shirt can seem like a big commitment – but slipping on a pair of our Be Yourself socks is a little easier to do. You’ll add a little bit of pink, yellow and green to your outfit and as a bonus, you’ll see a positive affirmation throughout the day.

Life hands us plenty of crazy situations that can get us down. Doing little things that make us happier each day can make a difference so our trials don’t seem so bad. Wearing bright colors is a simple thing anyone can do, and it’s worth giving a try to chase gloomy days away!

No matter what pair you opt for, colorful socks make a statement not just to other people, but to yourself. Adding pops of blue, green and pink to your closet can have a proven impact on your mood. Shop Awearables and make the world a brighter place.

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