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How TACA Helped Ashkay’s Family Treat Autism

This post was originally published here. Awearables has received permission from Talk About Curing Autism and Akshay’s family to republish this post.

It’s that time of year again! We are participating in Talk About Curing Autism’s (TACA) Annual Family & Friends Campaign . We support the organization which has given us so much help and support for Akshay. TACA provides information, resources, support and HOPE to families living with autism. Please consider making a donation to TACA in honor of Akshay.

It’s been almost 12 years since Akshay’s diagnosis of autism and TACA has been a huge part of our journey.  We weren’t given much hope 12 years ago.  We were told to get some therapies going and then in Akshay’s teen years we would most likely have to institutionalize him because we wouldn’t be able to care for him. We were told he will never have friends, never learn, and never be able to tell us he loves us. Wow was that doctor wrong!!

Akshay is turning 16 this year and we officially have a high school freshman in our home.  Akshay joined Orange High School Marching Band where last fall we got to see him perform with the drumline during the half time show. He also went to Homecoming!  Akshay is enrolled in the Bridges Program at Orange High School which is a program that works on inclusion, specialized academic instruction, and vocational skills.  He spends his second periods being a part of Panther Coffee Cart where he and his team sell coffee and snacks to teachers and staff. Check it out here:

12 years ago we were so lucky that a parent steered us in the direction of TACA. If it wasn’t for the free parent mentor, the Autism Journey guide, and the monthly meetings we would have been completely lost! We built our autism community through TACA so it was natural that we would eventually become volunteers.  I am so honored to be one of the coordinators of the Orange County Chapter as of five years ago  and to also work for the TACA National Office as the Outreach coordinator for the last three years.

TACA gave us a light on a very dark street. We ask you to please support the organization that helped us become #AutismTough.  We also couldn’t have done this without the great team of therapists, teachers, and various professionals on #TeamAkshay.

We are so proud of Akshay and all he has overcome.  Thank you for supporting us and donating in Akshay’s honor, it truly means the world to us.

Love,   Sim, Eddie, Akshay & Kareena

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