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The Psychology of Affirmations

Our founder, Tami Butler, is a firm believer in the psychology of affirmations. Years ago, her daughter, Julianna, was diagnosed with an eating disorder. Part of her treatment involved writing affirming phrases on sticky notes and placing them everywhere. Tami watched, amazed, as her daughter recovered and started believing the daily reminders that covered their home. Thanks to this personal experience, Tami designed socks with affirming phrases that would slowly but surely build healthier mindsets for the wearer.

The psychology behind self-affirmations stems largely from a theory formally developed by Claude Steele. This self-affirmation theory is still popular today, and many psychologists continue to conduct studies to better understand this theory. Overall, most studies find that people who practice daily affirmations experience more positive thinking than those who do not. According to Psychology Today, participants who practiced self-affirming in a variety of studies experienced improved problem-solving skills, higher optimism, and greater happiness.

While many may know the benefits of self-affirming routines, it is difficult to start forming new habits. Another article by Psychology Today suggests there are many ways to begin incorporating affirmations. Some individuals prefer writing affirmations, while others prefer speaking them out loud in a mirror. In a lot of cases, it is surprisingly hard to say or write things that don’t seem true. Our founder designed Awearables to showcase simple words of affirmation that provide gentle reminders to practice positive thinking.

Your story matters, and with eight pairs of Awearables, we’re confident you’ll find some that speak to you. Every time you look down at your feet and see our fun, colorful socks, pause and say something about yourself that makes you feel good. In the middle of stressful situations, Awearables can be a bright spot that reminds you of your own strength. As a bonus, for every pair of socks you purchase, we’ll donate a dollar to one of our partner charitable organizations. When you shop Awearables, you know you’re making a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.

At the end of the day, the psychology of affirmations shows that if you say something often enough, you will start to truly believe it. You will be able to face life’s challenges a little bit easier as you train your subconscious to think happier thoughts. Awearables are a great place to start making the world a little bit better one foot at a time.

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