TACA helped Jack's Family Find Effective Treatment for Autism

TACA helped us find effective treatment for autism

Hope for Children With Autism – Jack’s Story

Our son, Jack, was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism in 2006 when he was three years old. He was born perfectly healthy, but once he turned a year old, he stopped reaching milestones.

Image of Jack smiling in his yard. TACA helped Jack's family find effective treatment for autism. At Jack’s 18th month well checkup, his pediatrician told us who we should reach out to in order to get Jack therapy services through the state of California. After almost a year without making any progress with early home intervention, mainly in his speech, language and cognitive abilities, we took Jack to a Neurologist who officially gave him the autism diagnosis.

Finding Effective Treatment for Autism

After speaking with fellow autism parents within our community, we quickly learned that changing Jack’s diet could play a huge role in his behavioral and speech impairments. That was right around the time we learned of Talk About Curing Autism (TACA). We were directed to their website and were overwhelmed (in a good way) with the information and tools TACA offered.

TACA’s website provided us with information that pretty much had everything to do with having a child with autism. Everything from how to handle an I.E.P. at school, how to budget for a special needs child, special diets and how to get through potty training.

I honestly believe that had we never connected with all the amazing people at TACA, our sweet Jack would still be in a great deal of pain today, living a less fulfilled life.

TACA also connected us to the top specialists and doctors in the country. We took our son to a MAPS doctor (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs) who, after running tests through blood work, stool samples and urine samples, diagnosed our son with mitochondrial dysfunction, mineral deficiency, methylation/sulfation deficit, just to name a few. Through blood work, including a DNA/Genetics profile, we found out that Jack had suffered permanent brain damage, as well as gut damage from a couple of the vaccines he had received as an infant.

Fast forward to now—even though Jack faces severe setbacks on a daily basis, he has made tremendous progress in his language skills, behavioral skills and cognitive skills, and he is in a lot less pain. We still have monthly appointments with Jack’s MAPS doctor to go over his current treatment for autism. We feel that keeping the communication up with her, frequently, helps HUGELY in Jack’s progress and healing. We credit her greatly, to his progress!

Today, with the autism diagnosis now being 1:36, there are many treatment options that can help alleviate many of the symptoms children with autism suffer. TACA shares their knowledge and experience with families, offering them education and support. I honestly believe that had we never connected with all the amazing people at TACA, our sweet Jack would still be in a great deal of pain today, living a less fulfilled life.

We are forever grateful for TACA and encourage all families who are struck with this battle to reach out to them.

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Awareables is proud to support TACA’s work of providing education, support and empowerment for families as they seek to find effective treatment for autism.

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